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10 of the Best Gifts for May the 4th from RS Figures

The year 2019 was HUGE for Star Wars fans because the 42-year saga finally came to a conclusion, tagging along an overwhelming sense of accomplishment coupled with a feeling of emptiness. There was a void to fill. Lucky for us, Disney stepped up with the introduction of The Mandalorian a month before the final episode of the third trilogy, showing us that they are serious about further exploring the Star Wars Universe and its history. A New Hope as some would say... *da dum tss*.

Unfortunately, execution of all of Disney's plans came to a halt because of the current pandemic. But that doesn't mean we don't get to celebrate the 4th of May, and what better way to celebrate with RS Figures, than to enjoy 15% off all non-limited edition products! Here are 10 of the best Star Wars gifts, exclusively brought to you by RS Figures. May the 4th be with you!

First, the figurines:

  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Yoda Figurine

Master Yoda Trains Luke Skywalker May the 4th Be With You
The Force is strong in this younger version of Yoda who fought lightsaber duels in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

How can anyone not include grandmaster Master Yoda in their list of favorite Star Wars figurines? Yoda was one of the few Jedi Masters who had mastered all 7 different forms of lightsaber combat, in knowledge and skills. He was accepted as the most proficient combat teacher at the Jedi Temple, because Yoda trained his apprentices based on what combat form is deemed most suitable for them. Not to mention that he produced one of the most formidable jedis to ever live - Luke Skywalker son of Anakin Skywalker.


  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Boba Fett Figurine

Boba Fett The Mandalorian

The fine features of this feared bounty hunter’s armour and deadly weaponry are reproduced with remarkable detail. Every dent and scratch in the bounty hunter’s armour is faithfully recreated.

Boba Fett, the elite bounty hunter who was served an untimely and unceremonious death. Despite his awkward demise, Boba Fett was an elite marksman and a calculated hunter. Everything you see on his armor has a history, including the odd attachments. Notice the braids? The theory surrounding it is that it was made from Wookie scalps. Yelp.


  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Storm Trooper Figurine

Stormtrooper May the 4th Be With You

The precise lines that form the Stormtrooper’s iconic look are immortalised in every detail. Great care was taken in reproducing the classic Stormtrooper appearance. Multiple iterations resulted in the precise lines of the body armour, helmet and weapon.

Think Star Wars, think Stormtroopers, the icon of Star Wars. Here are three interesting facts about Stormtroopers:

  • They were inspired by a specific German WWII unit of soldiers called the "Sturmabteilung".
  • Stormtroopers were originally given lightsabers as their weapons. Maybe they wouldn't have missed so much with lightsabers.
  • They are all left-handed. They're clones, remember?


  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Death Star Trinket Box

Death Star Darth Vader Imperial Army May the 4th Be with You

The near perfect spherical trinket box captures the intricate surface of the Galactic Empire’s planet destroying weapon. Thankfully, it doesn't conceal any actual weapon.

According to Wookepedia, the Death Star measured 100 miles in diameter. That's about 21 times smaller than Earth's moon. It does pack a pretty big punch for such a small battle station.

Now, the keychains.

  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Boba Fett Keychain

 Boba Fett The Mandalorian

Complete with its targeting rangefinder, this replica captures the inscrutable appearance of the Mandalorian bounty hunter’s helmet in detail.


  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Stormtrooper Keychain

 Stormtrooper Keychain Imperial Army Star Wars May the 4th be with You

Bristling with technology, the Imperial stormtroopers’ helmets gives them every advantage in combat. Or do they.


  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Darth Vader Keychain

Darth Vader Keychain May the 4th be with You

The Sith Lord’s masked helmet, a marvel that an inanimate object has the ability to convey such a palpable sense of malevolence is a testament to the craft of cinematic design.


  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Kylo Ren Keychain

Kylo Ren Keychain May the 4th be with You

Like ripples from an impact, the polished waves embellishing Kylo Ren’s combat helmet suggest the emanating of control and power, fueled the absence of morality.


  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished C-3PO Keychain

C-3PO Keychain May the 4th be with You R2D2 C3PO

Originally built by Anakin Skywalker from spare parts, the golden protocol droid would find itself in the thick of action throughout the Star Wars saga. The only Star Wars figure from RS Figures to receive a unique gold finish.


Finally, the hyper exclusive chess set.

  1. Royal Selangor Hand Finished Star Wars Chess Set

Star Wars Chess Set Gift May the 4th be with You

The iconic characters, representing opposing forces from Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI, face each other across a chessboard of tempered glass, capped by satin finish pewter feet. The embattled Rebel Alliance face their menacing Imperial counterparts as pewter chess pieces, courage unwithered, enhanced by sleek bonded porcelain plinths in cool grey and matte black respectively. The pieces are sold together as a set, but can be purchased in separate pairs as well.


15% off for one day only, people!

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