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Royal Selangor's Limited Edition Batman Shogun Replica

Batman Shogun Figurine

XM Studios once again showcase their remarkable talent with the adroit blending of the Dark Knight with a dystopian feudal Japan in the form of a Samurai Series, this time taking shape as a replica of the Shogun Batman.

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About the Studio

Singapore based XM Studios has a lot of experience working on franchise collectibles for DC Comics, Hasbro, Marvel, and Star Wars. They are internationally renowned and have worked with the international community of talented collaborators. An award-winning producer of premium art, XM Studios has brought us many iconic figurines and collectibles. The Batman Shogun Replica is one of them.

Batman Shogun Figurine

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Batman Shogun was a project by XM Studios to commemorate their global license for the original Samurai line.

The Figurine

This Batman Shogun statue is a limited edition of 500 individually numbered pieces worldwide. Details on this Batman statue - remarkable. Batman Shogun is recreated in high quality pewter astride his war horse, both rider and horse heavily armored. The design of the armor is true to the samurai of the Edo period in style, but the distinction in details like the helmet with pointed ears and cape make it unmistakably not just any samurai, but The Bat himself. The figurine stands at 11.8 inches tall on a porcelain base, measuring a width and length of 10.8 by 6.7 inches.

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Batman Shogun Statue

Figurine Material: High quality pewter

Base Material: Black porcelain

Height: 11.8” including base (12.4” with spear assembled)

Width: 10.8” X 6.7”

Batman Shogun Statue

This Batman Shogun statue is depicted as a brawny and sturdy samurai on his horse, with a spear in his hand, ready to take on any oncoming threat. His horse’s armored hooves further crush the rubble and remnants of what is made out to be a massive statue of his arch nemesis, the Joker.

Batman Shogun Statue

Every scale, every detail of the armor on both Batman and his horse is sculpted with spectacular detail and hand finished by the expert craftsmen at Royal Selangor.

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