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Royal Selangor's Limited Edition Black Panther Guardian Statue

black panther figurine

Ghim Ong, the masterful designer whose interest in 3D sculpting advanced him to a career at Comicave Studios, worked on designing and sculpting an array of collectibles for Marvel, DC, and Disney. He is an internationally renowned Singapore-based sculptor who has worked with Royal Selangor on many occasions to create stunning figurines and collectibles.

Check out this limited edition Black Panther Guardian figurine.

A brief history of the Black Panther

The Kingdom of Wakanda. Deep in the heart of Africa, it is the birthplace to the Black Panther and the only known land to house the extremely valuable substance of Vibranium. Historically, the King of Wakanda ingests the Heart-Shaped Herb that is only available in Wakanda, gaining superhuman capabilities and subsequently becoming the Black Panther and guardian of Wakanda.

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T’Challa was the first son of King T’Chaka and N’Yami. N’Yami unfortunately passed away shortly after the birth of T’Challa, and it was later that King T’Chaka married an outsider explorer named Ramonda. T’Challa was taught about the capabilities of vibranium when he was still a kid, and as he grew into an adult, he learned the ins and outs of Wakanda and the technological advancements that vibranium has brought to the kingdom.

During T’Challa’s teenage years, an attack on Wakanda by outsider Ulysses Klaw resulted in the death of his father, T’Chaka. After a series of events following the incident, including T’Challa leaving Wakanda to explore and learn about the rest of the world, he returned to Wakanda to eventually become king and the new Black Panther.

The Figurine

The limited edition Black Panther Guardian figurine is limited to 3000 individually numbered pieces worldwide. The statue exhibits the Black Panther in a battle stance on the base of a tree at a height of 9.44 inches and on a rooted base of 8.66 by 6 inches, seemingly within his own terrain on Wakanda, serving his role as protector of the nation from an ongoing threat. This figurine has one of the most detailed finishes among the many Marvel collectibles available at RS Figures.

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Figurine Material: High quality pewter

Base Material: Black porcelain

Height: 9.44” including base

Width: 8.66” X 6”

Black Panther Collectible

The level of detail achieved on this figurine is remarkable, accurately capturing the tactile weaves and seams of the Black Panther’s suit, the flexed muscles and retracted claws, and the ceremonial necklace of the Black Panther suit. The details are present the same in the front and back of the statue, as the Limited Edition Black Panther Guardian figurine is hand finished by our expert craftsmen. The base of the figurine is a thick tangle of gnarled roots in black porcelain, further enhancing the shine and glimmer of the satin finish of this high quality pewter collectible. Check out the details on the figurine:

Black Panther
Black Panther
Black Panther
Black Panther

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