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Royal Selangor's Limited Edition Thanos the Conqueror Figurine

Thanos figurine

Introducing our limited edition Thanos the Conqueror statue by Royal Selangor. Another Marvel collectible that is spectacularly realized by illustrator Alan Quah and sculptor Mufizal Mokhtar, the pewter statue of the Mad Titan stands tall and glorious atop a bonded porcelain mountain of death and destruction, brandishing his 24K gilded Infinity Gauntlet studded with the faceted Infinity Stones. This figurine showcases Thanos after successfully collecting all six Infinity Stones, unshaken by the price that the universe had to pay in order for the mighty Titan to achieve what he believed was justified.

Check out the Limited Edition Thanos the Conqueror Figurine here.

A brief history of Thanos

Thanos - the Eternal-deviant warlord and destroyer of nations from Titan, first appeared in The Invincible Iron Man #55, as created by artist and writer Jim Starlin. Starlin admitted that Thanos was inspired by Jack Kirby’s supervillain from DC Comics’ New Gods, Darkseid. Here’s what Starlin said:

Kirby had done the New Gods, which I thought was terrific. He was over at DC at the time. I came up with some things that were inspired by that. You'd think that Thanos was inspired by Darkseid, but that was not the case when I showed up. In my first Thanos drawings, if he looked like anybody, it was Metron. I had all these different gods and things I wanted to do, which became Thanos and the Titans. Roy took one look at the guy in the Metron-like chair and said: "Beef him up! If you're going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one!"”

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The Figurine

thanos limited edition

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This limited edition Thanos the Conqueror Statue is a limited edition of 999 individually numbered pieces. The figure shows the Mad Titan reveling in the omnipotence bestowed upon him by the completed Infinity Gauntlet at a height of 10.8 inches including the porcelain base, structured at a width of 8.8 inches X 7.6 inches. It’s one of the many available Marvel collectibles in pewter, manufactured by Royal Selangor.

thanos statue

Figurine Material: High quality pewter

Base Material: Black porcelain

Height: 10.8” including base

Width: 8.8” X 7.6”

Sculptured in remarkable detail, his suit and facial features are accurately depicted grain for grain by our expert craftsmen, all hand finished to perfection, as he harnesses the power of the Infinity Stones to annihilate half of life in the universe, to fulfill his obsessive need for validation from his supposed lover, the Mistress of Death.

The version of Thanos seen here is a depiction of a comic book accurate Thanos, and not the one seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More accurately, it’s based on Thanos’ appearance in Captain Marvel #25 to #33, in the years 1973 and 1974. Here's more angles of the figurine.

thanos figurine

thanos figurine

thanos figurine


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