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Royal Selangor's Limited Edition Wolverine The Incredible Hulk Volume 1 #181

wolverine the incredible hulk #181

Menacing and fearless, here’s the Limited Edition Wolverine The Incredible Hulk Volume 1 #181, featuring Weapon X himself as splendidly interpreted by Alan Quah and Ghim Ong, leaping out of the 1974 comic cover art of Herb Trimpe, John Romita, and Gaspar Saladinos. True to his nature, Wolverine is captured gatecrashing a battle between the Hulk and the cursed Wendigo, making his debut one of the most legendary first appearances ever.

Check out this limited edition Wolverine The Incredible Hulk #181 here.

About the Comic

Acclaimed by many to be the ‘Action Comics #1 of the Bronze era’, the debut of Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk Volume 1 #181 left a mark on the hearts and in the minds of comic book readers at the time.

Claws out, Wolverine leaps from atop a nearby hill, directly into the middle of the battle between the Hulk and Wendigo. Within seconds, Wolverine is on the Hulk’s back, slashing at the Hulk but to no avail because even the adamantium claws are no match for Hulk’s thick, gamma skin. Upon realizing this, Wolverine shifts his focus towards Wendigo and knocks him off the cliff, subsequently gaining an ally in the form of a Green Goliath.

A fan of the Black Panther? You have never seen a figurine like this.

“Hulk doesn't understand. First little man fights Hulk... and now he fights Hulk's enemy? But if Hulk's enemy is little man's enemy... then little man is Hulk's friend!” - Hulk

Or so he thought. A three-way, unallied battle then ensues.

The Figurine

wolverine figurine

The Wolverine The Incredible Hulk Volume 1 #181 comic cover figurine is a limited edition of 800 and 200 individually numbered pieces for the satin pewter finish and 24K gilt finish respectively. The collectible shows Logan leaping out of the 1974 comic cover backdrop to a total height of 8.66 inches, with the entire figurine structured at a width of 6.88 by 7.87 inches. It’s one of the few Marvel comic cover statues available in our collection.

Figurine Material: High quality pewter with 24K gilt variant

Base Material: Black porcelain

Height: 8.66” including base

Width: 6.88” X 7.87”

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wolverine collectible

wolverine vs wendigo

Recreated in spectacular detail, the figurine showcases Wolverine, claws out, breaking through his chains and leaping into the battle between Hulk and the cursed Paul Cartier, initiating attack on the Incredible Hulk. The scene also showcases the arrival of the world's first Canadian superhero, and the beginning of one of the comic world's most famous rivalries.

The details of his suit, his berserker expression, the definition of his flexed muscles, and his razor-sharp claws are captured in remarkable detail, all hand-finished to perfection. Choose between the satin finish and the 24K gilt variant against a black and white version of the comic cover backdrop. Here's more of the figurines:

Pewter Satin Variant


24K Gilt Variant

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