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Royal Selangor's Limited Edition Yoda Bust

Yoda Bust Figurine

In collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, Royal Selangor pays homage to one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars franchise in the form of a bust in three variants. The limited edition Yoda Bust is crafted and hand finished by the expert craftsmen at Royal Selangor, and comes in an official Star Wars Licensee packaging.

About the Grandmaster

Yoda Bust Figurine

Master Yoda, a prominent character in Star Wars, is known as a legendary Jedi Master and for his contributions to the Jedi Order . Yoda’s identity is mysterious. Nobody knows Yoda's origin - where he comes from or what species he is, but he lived a very long life - almost a thousand years old before his death. Interestingly, the only other creature of the same species and origin as Yoda is Grogu, who might eventually bring to light some information about the inception of the species.

Yoda Bust Figurine

Master Yoda is a force-sensitive being who was a Jedi Master and served as the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. Having lived through the rise and fall of the Galactic Republic, and then the rise of the Galactic Empire, he trained and mentored generations of Jedi. Master Yoda was also the one who trained Luke Skywalker, paving the way for him to eventually become a Jedi Master as well.

The Yoda Bust

Yoda Bust Figurine

The Yoda Bust is a limited edition of 500, 200, and 300 individually numbered pieces for the pewter satin, 24K gilt, and green painted finish respectively. The bust stands at a height of 7.09 inches on a base that measures a width of 4.53 by 3.74 inches.

Yoda Bust Figurine

Figurine Material: High quality pewter with gilt and green graphite-enhanced variant

Base Material: Black porcelain

Height: 7.09” including base

Width: 4.53” X 3.74”

Wisdom, compassion, and a hint of merry wit is visibly present in the expression of the Jedi master in this masterfully sculpted figurine. Almost a millennium of life defined by centuries of standing up against evil and training generations of Jedi, Yoda is depicted accurately in his calm demeanor, complemented by the wizened lines of old age and experience.

Yoda Bust Figurine

The 24K gilded variant showcases a luxurious finish that envelopes the bust, while the graphite-enhanced green variant brings more resemblance to his actual skin tone.

Yoda Bust Figurine

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