The Return of the Queen, with a Strong Icy Wind, On the Big Screen, with a Post Credit Scene?


This is a public service reminder that Queen Elsa will be coming to a cinema near you, alongside her sister Anna, and their friends Olaf and Kristoff, in LESS THAN TWO DAYS.  With its worldwide release on the 20th of this month, Frozen 2 is expected to freeze its competition and break global box office records.

The first installment made a whopping $1.28 billion in ticket sales, and probably a lot more on merchandise. This time won't be any different. Merchandise for Frozen 2 is already being sold, and have you guys watched the trailer? Frozen 2 looks like it's going to be absolutely amazing. Here are a bunch of official trailers for you to check out, one last time:


Queen Elsa looks so much more powerful than before, and it looks like there are three other elements too? Will Elsa's powers be enough to save the Kingdom of Arendelle, and the rest of the world? We cannot wait.


Oh, and there is going to be a post-credit scene.

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