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Top 5 Gifts Ideas for the Season

top 5 gift ideas

The season of giving is almost here, and the dilemma of what to give comes hand in hand with it. Everybody is always looking for the perfect gift, but is there really such a thing as the perfect gift? Well, we don’t have the answer to that question, but what we can do is show you the amazing selection of gifts that we have to offer. But first, let us introduce ourselves.

Who are We?

rs figures

We are an exclusive Royal Selangor reseller, and we ship our products directly from the Royal Selangor factory, or from our warehouse in the United States. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best of Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. Every product sold by RS Figures is cast from extremely high quality pewter, and meticulously hand finished to perfection. With 135 years of pewter expertise, Royal Selangor is unmatched in production detail and quality.

What is our product range?

We sell only high quality officially licensed figurines and collectibles. Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings characters are molded in pewter, and then carved into hand-finished pewter figurines and collectibles. Here’s a list of the different types of products we have:

  1. Scaled Replicas
  2. Limited Edition Figurines
  3. Figurines
  4. Miniature Figurines
  5. Keychains
  6. Lapel Pins
  7. Tumblers
  8. Chess Sets
  9. Carousels, and many more!

Now that you know who we are, let’s narrow down your selection by category.

The Best Gift Ideas from RS Figures

  1. For Kids

More than anyone in this world, kids absolutely LOVE gifts. Need to make your kid happy, get them a gift. And what better choice of gift than to have their favorite cartoon character on their nightstand, playing a potentially nostalgic tune as they fall into a dreamy sleep. With that, let us present to you the:

Limited Edition Sorcerer Mickey Music Carousel                  limited edition mickey the sorcerer's apprentice carousel


Height: 4.7 in
Base Diameter: 3.1 in

The Limited Edition Sorcerer Mickey Music Carousel, with only 3,000 pieces available worldwide, is the perfect gift for the young Disney or Mickey fan. Featuring Apprentice Mickey daydreaming of himself commanding the sea and the sky with a sparkle of Swarovski embellished in his hand, while the signature tune of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice plays in the background.

Think they might like a different Disney character to keep them company? Take a look at our full music carousel collection.

  1. For Him

Many say that getting a gift for a man is hard. It’s really not. Just get them an RS Figures figurine of a character they like, and you’re good to go. Almost every guy we know has a soft spot for his favorite action hero. Here’s something that a true Marvel, Avengers, or Iron Man fan would appreciate.

Limited Edition Iron Man & Ultron Replica

rs figures iron man and ultron replica


Height: 14.17 in
Base: 11.2 x 8.5 in

With only 300 individually numbered pieces worldwide, this elegantly crafted-to-perfection pewter piece features Iron Man in his classic Bronze Age suit, standing victorious over the disfigured remains of the sentient humanoid Ultron’s robotic horde. This will undoubtedly exceed any gifting expectation. The HUGE, stunning 1:6 scale replica is exclusively designed by XM Studios, and brought to life by Royal Selangor.

Check out more of our Marvel collection.

  1. For Her

When looking for the perfect gift for a woman, many resort to the typical stuff like jewelry, handbags, or cosmetics. Be one of the only few who would go for something a little more unique and completely unexpected, like an exceptional trinket box for her to store all of her treasures. Making sure to provide appealing pewter sculpture to our beloved customers, we would like to  recommend the:

Star Wars Collection Death Star Trinket Box 

star wars death star trinket box


Height: 3.7 in
Diameter: 3.9 in

This beautifully hand-finished trinket box captures the intricate details on the surface of the Galactic Empire’s weapon of epic destruction. The near perfect spherical jewelry box is unlike any other, and is definitely a great gift for her. Even more so if she is a Star Wars fan.

Take a look at the rest of our Star Wars collection:

  1.   For the Collectors

Here’s what you need to know about collectors. They are easy and difficult to please all at the same time. They appreciate collectibles more than any other group on the planet, but they may have a preference of what to add to their collection. However, you cannot go wrong with a limited edition collectible as a gift, and good news - we have limited editions. Enter Peter Parker. 

Limited Edition Spider-Man Amazing Fantasy #15

amazing fantasy spiderman Measurement:

Height: 8.5 in
Base: 6.7in x 7.7in 

With only 800 available pieces worldwide, this limited edition figurine features Spider-Man leaping out of the Amazing Fantasy #15 comic cover art, tethered by a skein of webbing, holding on to a bonded porcelain figure of a terrified mobster. The prominently sculpted figurine brings back the classic bang up to date for both the old and new generation of fans.

It’s also available in Gilt.

  1.   For the Decorator

Pewter makes excellent home decor. However, it’s an acquired taste, and an exclusive choice. Nonetheless, Royal Selangor strives to create products that appeal to the various kinds of home decorators. Here’s something for those who want a decor piece that is both functional, and an amazing display. 

Star Wars Collection Classic Chess Set

star wars chess set


Chessboard: H0.8in x 16.7in x 16.7in 

Chess pieces:
Height: 2.4in
Base Diameter: 1.4in

This hand-finished pewter chess set features iconic characters representing opposing forces from Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI, facing each other across a chessboard of tempered glass, capped by satin finish pewter feet whilst the embattled Rebel Alliance faces down their menacing Imperial counterparts as pewter chess pieces. With such epic visualization, we guarantee that this is a gift unmatched.

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