Collection: Batman Collection

Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, was first introduced to DC Comics in the year 1939, in the Detective Comics #27. He rose to stardom very quickly, giving him his own comic book series that was published the following year entitled Batman, where more characters from the Batman Universe were introduced including his archenemy Joker. Over the years and till today, many more titles of Batman were released. His popularity as a DC superhero is unmatched.

 Bruce was the son of Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, who both came from the extremely wealthy families of Thomas and Kane respectively. After the murder of his parents, Bruce was the only heir to the wealth that was left behind by his parents, and he was eventually known to the people of Gotham City as the billionaire playboy, who also becomes the CEO of Wayne Enterprise, a multi-billion dollar company owned by his family. 

 He was only a little boy when his parents were tragically shot dead in front  of him in the streets of Gotham, leaving him with only his butler, Alfred Pennyworth as his caretaker. Alfred would continue to care for Bruce with absolute loyalty and compassion, and later become a very important assistant to Bruce in his missions as Batman. Bruce's trauma from his parents' shooting was what molded him into becoming Batman. Throughout the years of adulthood, Bruce trained himself, achieving physical and mental capabilities beyond comprehension of the average man, under the guidance of numerous mentors.

 In his initial year as the cape crusader, Batman was declared as a criminal vigilante whose acts were deemed not in line with the law, after a series of conflicts with the Red Hood Gang and within Wayne Enterprise, involving The Riddler. Teaming up with Lucius Fox  and police officer Jim Gordon, Batman defeats the Riddler, restoring order to the city. Following the event, Batman and Lucius work together to rebuild Wayne Enterprise, and Jim Gordon is made the new Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD).

 Throughout his years as the protector of Gotham City, Batman remained in good terms with the GCPD and was called upon by Jim Gordon whenever things became too difficult or too inconvenient for the police to handle, using a giant spotlight called the Bat-Signal. The crimes of Gotham City continued to grow with the birth of new crime bosses such as Two-Face, Penguin, and many others, but none would have an impact on the Bat as much as The Joker.

 Batman is one of the founding members of the Justice League, together with Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. The team came together for the first time when they fought alongside each other against Darkseid, during the invasion of the Parademons. After the defeat of Darkseid, sending him back to his homeland, Batman called upon the other superheroes to form a team that would be called the Justice League.