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The Batmobile

The Batmobile. What a bada** car. The Batmobile was first introduced in Batman #5 in 1941. Over the years, the Batmobile has gone through notable changes in the way it looks and how it performs as Batman's supercar.

An array of superheroes are known for their stylish and extraordinary vehicles but none is as popular as the Batmobile. It is Batman's personal vehicle and his primary mode of transportation. When the Batmobile was first introduced, it took the shape of a slightly more sophisticated car from the 1940s with a few attachments and gadgets on board to help in Batman's superhero operations, and a passenger cabin. Almost 10 years later, the car was given a face-lift to which the iconic "bubble dome" was born. As the car was developed over the years, it gradually lost its curves and became a longer and sharper shaped vehicle that looked like a Batman-themed Cadillac. The Batmobile then developed fins, spoilers,  and nose, and only had two seats left. At this point, fans were not too happy with how simplified the Batmobile had become.

In the late 1960s, that design was abandoned and in its place, a new Batmobile was introduced. It was a bulletproof car, turbocharged, and it came with a remote driving system. A futuristic coupe it was. That design stayed for a short while but as its predecessors, it would eventually be replaced. As the Batmobile went through minor upgrades and changes over the years, a completely new and the most epochal Batmobile was introduced in Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman. The same car which was also used in the 1992 Batman returns.

From a supercar with gadgets to a fully weaponized tank. In the storyline "The Cult", Batman used an all new Batmobile that had elements of the vehicle used in the Dark Knight Series. It was a monstrous, heavily armored tank-like automobile with kick-ass weaponry and puncture-proof tyres, and it was used to take Gotham City back from Deacon Blackfire, Batman's enemy at the time. We see a more sophisticated version of this Batmobile in the Dark Knight Series; it was also known as The Tumbler.

Here is a list of some of the awesome gadgets and devices that came with the series of Batmobiles:

  • GPS
  • Police radio
  • Spare costumes for Batman and Robin, including their gadgets
  • Breathing apparatus to filter toxic gases
  • Radar and sonic range detector
  • Travelling crime lab (in the 1941 version)
  • Elaborate first aid kit
  • Built-in computer to give and receive information about case files and a microscope
  • Grappling equipment (obviously)
  • Whirly-Bats and inflatable rafts
  • Smoke screen devices
  • Sound-distinguishing Bat-tector
  • Diplomatic license plates - Regular road rules don't apply to the Bat
  • Puncture-proof tyres attached to hydraulic Gyroscopic Wheels with hydraulic impact absorbers (the Gyroscopic Wheels only came with the Tumbler
  • and other crazy features that came with the Tumbler:
    • WayneTech 1200 bhp hybrid power cell that generates energy from a set of Graphene Composite Air Brakes
    • Turbocharged engine with nitro methane afterburner
    • Electromagnetic ejector seat
    • Enhanced intel and recon capabilities
    • Ai and remote guidance systems
  • and for the hostiles:
    • Laser/infrared homing Immobilizer Missiles
    • Containment Unit for the prisoners
    • Carbon Nanotube aggregate explosive reactive armor plating with Electroshock Defense
    • Vulcan Gun and Cannon with high explosive penetrator shells
    • Riot Suppressor


Don't mess with the Bat.