Collection: Cinderella



A tale of an unfortunate girl who lived with her wicked (and some might even say evil) stepmother and two stepsisters. After the death  of her father, Cinderella was forced to live with her step-family and work as their house maid. Despite having to deal with the villainous ways of her stepmother and cruelly spoilt stepsisters, Cinderella remained a kind, spirited, and loving person. Although a little withered through the years of being treated that way, she was always optimistic about life getting better for her eventually.


Being born to rich parents who resided in a French chateau, Cinderella was no stranger to wealth. Following the death of her mother, her father married her would be stepmother, Lady Tremaine who already had two grown up daughters Anastasia and Drizella, aka the stepsisters. Losing the liberty of friendship and the world outside her home, she befriended the animals within her household, namely two mice, Jaq and Gus.


Cinderella is shown to be smart and witty, and she is usually able to stand up for herself and maneuver around hostile situations created by the irrational wrath of her stepfamily. Being more beautiful than her stepsisters did not work in her favor either; they were jealous and would go to dramatic lengths to keep Cinderella away from the outside world. To make things worse, Lady Tremaine had a pet cat named Lucifer. As the name would suggest, Lucifer carried the same "evil" traits as his owner, a few times posing danger to Cinderella's mice friends.


One day, the family was invited to the Grand Ball at the palace and as Cinderella dresses up in her late mother's gown, Anastasia and Drizella spitefully destroy her gown till it is reduces to rags. As a fairytale would play out, her animal friends attempt to fix the dress but to no avail. Shortly after, a Fairy Godmother appears and turns things around for Cinderella. Her ragged outfit is transformed into a beautiful gown and her animal friends are turned into horses, a coachman, and a footman to match a carriage changed from a pumpkin. She was then able to attend the ball, but was warned by the Fairy Godmother that  the magic would only last till midnight.


As the plot develops, Cinderella meets Prince Charming at the ball who instantly falls for her. After a series of events led by Cinderella leaving a shoe on the palace stairs after midnight, Prince Charming begins a hunt to find Cinderella, who would eventually become his bride and the love of his life.


A very popular song from this film entitled "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" was heard around the globe as the movie remained afloat in the cinematic world, and even for a time after. It is the same song used as the tune for our Royal Selangor Collectible Cinderella Music Carousel.