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Bruce Banner, the son of Dr Brian Banner and Rebecca, suffered from a rather traumatic childhood. Brian Banner was an atomic physicist who had passion only for his work and his wife Rebecca, but a lot of loud and physically abusive hate towards Bruce. He believed that due to being exposed on a daily basis to gamma radiation, his son was a born a mutant. Bruce was however very much loved by  his mother, so  much so that Brian had a vicious jealousy against Bruce. Being an alcoholic and having unruly anger issues, things took a ruthless turn for the worse when Brian murdered Rebecca, and Bruce was taken away and put in a mental institute. After that ordeal, Bruce was adopted and raised by his aunt Susan Banner. Although Susan tried her level best to raise Bruce with all the love and compassion that she could afford, she was unable to erase the suppressed emotional damage of his past.

Gifted with superior intellect like his father, Bruce excels in tertiary education, and eventually completes his PhD and becomes an expert in the same field as father, thus continuing the work of research on gamma radiation.

The  Incredible Hulk, the hot-tempered alter ego of Dr Bruce Banner, or more popular referred to as the Hulk, was created as a result of an accident from a gamma radiation experiment. Banner, a renowned physicist and genius who is known particularly for his work relating to nuclear physics and gamma radiation, was recruited by General Ross of the US Army to assist them in developing the world's first Gamma bomb, a concept that had not existed at the time. Bruce took after his father in his line of work, but with only a fraction of the emotional instability.

In an unfortunate turn of events and in an effort to save a teenager named Rick Jones, Bruce Banner was blasted with what seemed like an immense and lethal dose of gamma rays. Jones had wandered onto the testing site on a challenge, and became the only witness of the event. As a result of the blast, Banner mutated into a green brute that not only had a completely different physical outlook, but also a mind of his own - The Incredible Hulk. Rick would later serve as a companion to Hulk, before eventually becoming A-Bomb, or Abomination.

Initially fueled by pure rage, Hulk was unable to control his strength and self-conduct, then deemed a danger to not just the military, but to the nation as well. As Banner slowly gained control of the behemoth and was able to return to his original self, he learned that he would not be able to control Hulk, and decided to flee from the military. On his run, he becomes acquainted with Iron Man, Thor, and the rest of the founding members of The Avengers. Hulk found a place to belong.