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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse who was created as a funny character and a replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Disney's first ever animal character. Mickey Mouse is also probably the most popular cartoon character ever, and Disney's official mascot. His first public debut was in a short film called Steamboat Willy in 1928, one of the first ever black and white cartoons with sound.


Mickey's character was developed as a happy go lucky and mischievous adventurer.  Since his Steamboat Willy debut, Mickey has appeared in over 130 films and received 11 honors from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts. To his credit , he was also the first animated character to receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It has been  said that Walt Disney, the founder of Disney, had so many similarities with Mickey's character that they were thought to be the alter ego of each other.


A fun fact about Mickey: his name was initially Mortimer Mouse, but Walt's wife Lillian persuaded him to change the fun loving mouse's first name to Mickey.


More than being a popular character, Mickey's head and ears became an iconic symbol. The three loops were used in almost every Disney film and series, and became the descriptive icon of Disney. You see the three loops, you know it's Disney!


As Mickey's character developed over the years, he was popularly known as a simple mouse living a modest life with his forever girlfriend Minnie Mouse, and his pet dog Pluto. His two closest friends were also then developed; Donald Duck who was later developed to have a girlfriend named Daisy Duck, and Goofy who has a son named Max. The trio had a series of shows created by Disney.


As Mickey appeared in his numerous films, he was shown to be a jack-of-all-trades, from running a steamboat to becoming a music conductor to a sorcerer's apprentice. However, in his most recent appearances he was employed by Ajax Corporation, where he worked alongside his buddies, Donald and Goofy. Living up to his ability to do multiple jobs, Ajax Corporation had the three employees doing all kinds of jobs such as painters at a theme park, ghost exterminators, etc..


In the early 2000s, Disney introduced a show called Disney's House of Mouse, an animated series of comical concepts of how Mickey ran a nightclub together with his gang, where other popular Disney characters visited the club during each episode. In the series, Mickey was depicted as an A-list celebrity, specifically the most popular celebrity in the Disney Universe. Despite his popularity which  sometimes got to him, Mickey never failed to come back down to Earth as he remembered his roots and friends who meant more to him than any kind of fame. Mickey will always be remembered as a charismatic yet kind and caring character.


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