Collection: Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

One of the most loved Disney characters in recent years, Princess Elsa, who later becomes Queen Elsa of Arendelle following the tragic death of her parents King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, is the deuteragonist character in Disney's 2013 feature film Frozen, right behind her sister Princess Anna as the protagonist. The story revolves around the two sisters, Princess Elsa and Princess Anna and how they face a series of dilemmas against and with each other, before finally attaining a version of the ideal Disney happy ending. Frozen took the world by storm with its unorthodox version of how love always saves the day, where instead of the common love story between two unrelated individuals, it was the love between siblings that saved both Queen Elsa and her sister Anna, and ultimately all of Arendelle.


Frozen is a loose adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's the Snow Queen, which is the story about two siblings, a boy and a girl, who are separated by the kidnapping of the brother by the Snow Queen. In the original story, the Snow Queen is the villain, but in Disney's adaption, the Snow Queen is rewritten as Elsa, a young princess who lives her younger days as a prisoner of  her own special abilities, namely snow and ice magic that allows her to create and give life to her creations. In the beginning, , young Elsa accidentally shoots young Anna with a blast of ice while they were playing in the castle's Great Hall, causing Anna to become critically ill, but later to be healed by a troll named Pabbie, with her memory of Elsa's powers wiped out and Elsa to live the rest of her young age in isolation.


Three years after the untimely death of her parents, Elsa comes of age and temporarily exits from isolation to attend her coronation to become Queen of Arendelle. During the event, a banter with her sister ends up with her losing her temper and revealing her powers to all the delegates present at the coronation.  Consequently, Queen Elsa flees, steadfast on living out the rest of her days in isolation away from Arendelle. As the story progresses and after a series of dramatic events, Elsa eventually learns to control her powers and the sisters are reunited as they return to Arendelle to rule as Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.


Elsa won the hearts of her audience and became instantly famous as the tragically unfortunate princess who with the help of her kind and determined sister Anna, returns to Arendelle more powerful than ever, with only a sibling bond that was stronger. Songs from the film Frozen further popularized Elsa and she became the talk of the world. The most popular song, and also the tune used in our collectible, Elsa Music Carousel  "Let it Go" was on radio and television, and kids were crazed  about it. Aside from the song being catchy, a huge hit and a fan-favorite,  the lyrics serenade liberation and freedom as Elsa learns to let go of her past , her worries and constraints caused by her  magical abilities, while  embracing her uniqueness.