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Peter Benjamin Parker was just a boy from Queens, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter's parents Richard and Mary Parker were CIA agents who were tragically killed trying to infiltrate one of Red Skull's operations. Orphaned by the death of his parents, Peter was adopted by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, whom he lived with for the rest of his childhood. They treated him as they would their own son, giving him the best to their abilities.

In his teenage years, Peter discovers that he has a knack for science and that combined with his shyness and low self-esteem, he was often bullied by the high school jock Flash Thompson. One fine day, while attending an exhibition sponsored by General Techtronics Corporation, Peter is bitten by an experimental radioactive spider, the only one of its kind. What Peter did not realize is that before the spider died and after falling from Peter's hand, it bit a girl named Cindy Moon who would later on become Spider-Woman or Silk.

Almost immediately, Peter noticed changes to his body and physical abilities. He became more muscular, faster, and stronger. Not realizing the full potential of his abilities yet, Peter decides to take on a challenge he sees in an advertisement - surviving a cage match with a professional wrestler for 3 minutes. He wears a mask and gets into the cage, easily wins the challenge with his odd ability to escape by climbing the cage, and simultaneously adopts the alias Spider-Man.

After the ordeal, Peter encounters a thief but does not stop him. The same thief is later known to kill his Uncle Ben, but was still unknown to Peter at the time.  Peter hears that his uncle's murderer was held up in a warehouse and proceeds to capture him, only to learn that it was the same thief that he had let go earlier. It was at that moment that Peter decided that he would put his abilities to better use and assume the role of a superhero for his neighborhood.

Peter graduated high school as the valedictorian and enrolled in Empire State University, where he meets and befriends Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, and Gwen Stacy. Throughout the time as an undergraduate, Peter was also Spider-Man and fought an array of supervillains including Green Goblin - whom was later revealed to be Norman Osborn, Harry's father, Rhino, Xandu, and many others. Seeing his capabilities, the Avengers tried to recruit Spidey but he declined their offer.

In the storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the first attempt to recruit Spidey was by Iron Man, after the Avengers were disbanded. The first time he would fight alongside Iron Man was in the Civil War against Captain America after the passing of the Sokovia Accords. After the Civil War, Iron Man tries to keep Peter away from joining anymore battles in fear of his safety, and because he believed that Peter had a lot more to learn about himself and his abilities. Peter however joins the Avengers in the battle against Thanos, disappears with the Snap, and then returns to help them defeat Thanos one last time.