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Black Widow Avengers Volume 1 #111 Limited Edition Figurine - Marvel Statue

Black Widow Avengers Volume 1 #111 Limited Edition Figurine - Marvel Statue

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Measurements: Size H 8.7in including base x 7.7in x 6.5in

A limited edition of 800 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

The X-Men and most of the Avengers have come under the control of Magneto, who holds them prisoner in his secret lair. Enlisting the help of super spy Natasha Romanoff, otherwise known as the Black Widow, the remaining Avengers discover and attack Magneto, freeing all the captives.

An issue significant for her officially becoming a member of the Avengers, illustrator Alan Quah and sculptor Ghim Ong reimagines the Black Widow in glorious 3D, flying out of John Romita, Joe Sinnott and Gaspar Saladinos punchy 1973 cover art in finely detailed pewter.

About the collection

A project with Marvel Comics, featuring iconic characters and insignia of the Marvel multiverse, this item comes in Official Marvel Licensee packaging. 

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Care and Maintenance

For over 100 years, our pewter pieces have marked significant moments in life and are often handed down from generation to generation. Over time and with use, pewter develops a pleasing subdued tone unique to the metal. Learn how to maintain the distinguished Royal Selangor Finish with these simple cleaning tips.

- Wipe occasionally with a damp cloth.

- Do not scrub with a brush.

- Never expose pewter to direct flame or heated surfaces