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SMEAGOL GOLLUM Goblet - Lord of the Rings collectible gift

SMEAGOL GOLLUM Goblet - Lord of the Rings collectible gift

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Height: 8.47 Inches

  • Smeagol and his cousin, Deagol, first discovered the Lost Ring. Smeagol then murdered Deagol and took the Ring for himself. and Through its power, his life was lengthened; but by its power, his shape was twisted, beyond recognition.
  • This goblet portrays his ghoulish form as he lived by foul deeds and unclean meats. His thin and gaunt body, long arms with evil grasping hands, and flat and webbed feet form the stem of the goblet, while the cup features his skull-like head and eyes as large as those of a deep sea fish!

Food Safety

All of our products are food Safe and Lead-Free. Our FDA compliant products are exported to Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.

132 years of Craftsmanship

Since 1885, our designers and craftsmen have expressed their love and understanding of the material by continuously pushing the envelope in pewter design while staying true to our heritage of craftsmanship. Each Royal Selangor item is hand cast by pouring molten pewter into steel moulds quickly and efficiently.

After cooling, each individual pewter piece is polished and soldered onto other appendages such as spouts and handles, all done by hand. This attention to detail and precision has made Royal Selangor's pewter pieces durable and timeless.

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    Care and Maintenance

    For over 100 years, our pewter pieces have marked significant moments in life and are often handed down from generation to generation. Over time and with use, pewter develops a pleasing subdued tone unique to the metal. Learn how to maintain the distinguished Royal Selangor Finish with these simple cleaning tips.

    - Wipe occasionally with a damp cloth.

    - Do not scrub with a brush.

    - Never expose pewter to direct flame or heated surfaces